Do you prefer efficiency or effectiveness in your team?

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When we think of an efficient person, many people conjure up images of the multitasking perfectionist, juggling several different tasks and completing them as quickly as humanly possible. 'Time is money,' they say.  

But when we examine the word efficient, is multitasking really efficient, or merely a mirage?
Efficiency is no doubt a valued skill within the workplace and, by extension, in a team. However, it is not the most important factor in creating the best products; when time is prioritised over quality, it can often compromise the integral value that sets one company apart from another.
By holding effectivness in higher regard, managers are able to develop systems that are worth the time they take to create and produce outcomes of a better standard.
So ask yourself- what is more important? Efficiency or effectiveness?
Asking the right questions is only the first step; Intelligence Led Training specialises in developing managers in order to prioritise effectiveness and achieve quality outcomes. For more information contact ILT now.