General Management Courses

Would you promote an employee into a management position without first providing the necessary training? Many managers have only to suffer the consequences later.

Succession Planning

The word 'success' comes from an old French word meaning 'to come after'. Is your organisation ready to continue long after employees leave? Or are you worried that with the departure of certain team members your organisation will struggle? Succession occurs whether you plan for it or not, so you might as well plan for it.

Operational Planning

Many business owners / managers have good strategies but do not have the necessary skills to take these strategies and convert them into standard operations. ILT can educate your managers in how to develop sound operational plans that compliment the strategies without enhancing the risks. 

Workforce Planning

Do you know the best methods of recruitment? Are you fully aware of the legal requirements around recruiting, contracting and firing staff? ILT can assist you in developing a sound and legal human resource strategy.

Change Management

As Western Australia recovers from the decline of the mining boom, more than ever businesses need to be able to manage change with purpose and effectiveness. Change management is a skill that can be measured. ILT can train your staff with proven strategies to manage change better.

Risk Management

Most people think risk management is about safety. Although there is a relationship, risk management training is about making sound decisions, whether it be regarding daily tasks, operations or senior management planning. Risk management is about reducing financial loss and increasing your future opportunities. 

Performance Development Planning

This topic is fast becoming taboo in businesses worldwide. This is not because performance management is irrelevant, but more so because it is not implemented well. Unfortunately, management can be closely related to a parent who mostly catches their children doing something wrong. Proper performance management is more so about catching your staff doing things right, and finding opportunities to develop them when they do fail. Do you know how to prepare your managers and supervisors for this important task?

Policy and Procedure Development

Training your staff to develop sound policy and efficient procedures is another important area of business. Continuous improvement relies upon a solid platform to work from and be measured against. A good set of policies and procedures will help to establish this solid platform.

If you are thinking that your business would benefit from these or other management training courses, contact us now.