Interpersonal Communication Courses

If you have read management books or studied business at University, there is one clear, recurring theme and that is effective communication is critical to successful businesses.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

The difficulty is that there is more than one way to communicate. So how do we learn to identify the most effective communication method for each unique and individual situation?

It is ILT's philosophy that effective communication underpins our entire suite of management training courses.

Using various situational behavioural analysis tools, ILT trainers are properly equipped to train participants in understanding different communication styles. This means participants are able to understand their own personal communication styles, as well as being able to identify the communication styles of others. Communication plans can then be formulated to enable effective communication in different situations and for different colleagues.

Developing From Feedback

Management is not just about 'dishing it out', but also learning how to seek and receive feedback. This feedback comes from others, but the most astute managers also learn to give themselves feedback. Managers are not always expected to get it right, but it is their responsibility to learn and adjust when they get it wrong.

If you think your organisation can benefit from improving their internal communication skills, contact ILT now.